We live on a hill that possibly makes an impression of a dune imparted by our sandy–yellowish Labrador retrievers, which is where the name of our kennel (KOPA is the Lithuanian for DUNE) comes from… The birthday of our kennel we consider being May 20, 2007.

  Our first Labrador retriever Bora GLORIJA LONDONAS came to our family in autumn, 2005. Our decision to obtain her was a result of long search and consideration, and we never questioned or regretted our choice. Bora possesses all the character properties included in our image of Labrador retriever: she is very affectionate, friendly and obedient.

  Half a year later, we adopted another female Labrador retriever — Terra MERI LEILY MEDUTIS, who is very special with her romantic behavior, elegance and loveliness. Early in the year 2010 we took home the long–awaited and desired female retriever MY BRAND EDEN AT KOPA (Eden) who came from a highly-appreciated Estonian kennel and possesses genealogical lines we appreciate very much. In 2004 it was the first time we met and cuddled a very cute and affectionate Labrador retriever female - JAGA GORSKA FANTAZJA. And coincidentally since January 2009 we were very happy to adopt the same female retriever to our family.

  Bora and Terra have successfully participated in dogshows. Terra has several times won contests in appropriate age-groups, receiving excellent marks by the judge. Our great hope is Eden. Her parents and ancestors descend from the most famous European kennels and are characterized by great health, nice exterior and excellent reproductive quality.

  The first litter of our kennel KOPA arrived in spring, 2007: it was nine pupies of Bora GLORIJA LONDONAS and JAWOR Herbu Zadora. Also we enjoy the "H" litter of Terra MERI LEILY MEDUTIS and Ronnie MY BRAND PRETTY MUCH (Estonia) that came into the world in summer, 2009. It was the first litter by this male Labrador retriever in Lithuania. And finally, in March, 2010, arrived a beautiful litter consisting of 9 pups of Bora GLORIJA LONDONAS and Tommi MY BREND EXPLORER (Poland). This is also the first litter by this wonderful male Labrador retriever in our country.

  We aim at breeding healthy Labrador retrievers possessed of breed-characteristic temperament and exterior, human-friendly and family-friendly dogs. We live in the neighborhood of Kaunas, quite a peaceful location; however, we do our best to ensure a good socialization of our kennel descendants. We often take them to the city to get them adapted to city-characteristic sounds, noise, unfamiliar people and unusual situations. It gives them a potential to easier get accustomed and not to be modest in their future homes.

  We constantly communicate with the owners of dogs descending from our kennel. Every year, and sometimes twice a year, we arrange meeting for all them and their pets. The participants are absorbed by funny contests and games, have remindful and informative conversations. So do we organize contests of photos and essays about the our kennels Labradors, and the most interesting works are always awarded.

  Our intercommunication is not limited to meetings. All the owners of KOPA’s descendants are assured to call us anytime for help or advice in case of nursling’s illness or other misfortune.

  We are heavily engaged in popularization of Labrador retrievers. The internet site of our kennel contains diverse information about nurturing and caretaking of dogs; we cooperate with publishers of the VET INFO magazine, so a considerable part of information on our site consists of publications of this magazine.

  I am an artist myself, particularly specializing in design, so dogs, especially Labrador retrievers, are often represented in my works — photos, advertisement layouts, or drawings. Therefore KOPA is a very important self–expression form for me. Labrador retrievers share coziness comfort and positive emotions with all my family as well as enjoy our infinite love…

(SU) KOPA registry information: LKD 2007 05 20; FCI Nr./N – 52/10

Breeder: Daiva Grigonienė

E-mail: daiva@veislynaskopa.lt

Phone: +370 671 15556